Being in a music performance group is one of the most holistically transformational programs in which a student can teaches higher order thinking skills, team work, time management, recovery from mistakes, dealing with different personalities (easy and hard), and doing something to bring others happiness.  

Student musician travel is a specialty type of travel-particularly if there is a performance piece involved.  We love to work with these groups because we are believers from first-hand experience in the power of these programs on the lives of those who participate.

These trips are specialty trips and we will work with you to design an itinerary that meets your trip objectives. 

Past trips include:

  • Washington DC
    Performance Opportunities-National Cathedral (voice only), Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, White House (President's Park), National Mall, Ford's Theatre, and many more.
  • Hawaii
    Performance Opportunities-Pearl Harbor, U.S.S. Missouri, Honolulu Parade, as well as at another of venues.

You dream of the trip and we'll make it happen.


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